The Fast-Acting, Reliable Glutaraldehyde Solution

For disinfection and sterilization of instruments and endoscopes requiring fast turnaround, CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution gives you the flexibility to run your facility efficiently.

  • 3.4% alkaline glutaraldehyde solution provides quick high-level disinfection 20 minutes
  • Destroys all vegetative forms of bacteria and 100% of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in
    20 minutes at 25°C; effective in the presence of 2% organic soil
  • Compatible with a wide range of medical instruments

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  2. How long does it take CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution to achieve high-level disinfection?
  3. Does CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution require activation or mixing?
  4. How long does CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution remain effective?
  5. How can I measure the minimum effective concentration (MEC) of CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  6. What are the material compatibility characteristics of CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  7. How effective is CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  8. What times and temperatures does ASP recommend for tuberculocidal efficacy with the CIDEX® Family of Products?
  9. Do I need to wear gloves when using CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  10. What are the appropriate disposal and ventilation procedures for CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  11. What is ASP's recommendation for cleaning up spilled CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution?
  12. What kind of technical support do I get with the CIDEX® Family of Products?
  13. How do I order CIDEXPLUS® 28 Day Solution and supplies?
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