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Sterilization, Disinfection & Antisepsis Contact Hour
Care and Handling of Endoscopes, Video Cart Systems, and Powered Surgical Instruments 2.0
Introduction to Rigid Endoscopes: Their Care and Cleaning 1.0
Minimally Invasive Surgery: Instrument Readiness 1.0
Surgical Instruments: Care and Handling, and Sterilization Considerations 1.0
The Challenge of Cleaning Laparoscopic Instruments 1.0
Aseptic Nursing Technique at the Bedside: Hand Hygiene and Handling Equipment and Supplies 0.5
Aseptic Nursing Technique at the Bedside: Transmission of Infection 0.5
Aseptic Nursing Technique in the OR: Surgical Hand Scrub 0.5
Preoperative and Postoperative Care 2.0
Preparing and Maintaining the Surgical Field 2.0
Surgical Skin Preparation 1.0
Infection Control Contact Hour
Anti-Infective Medication Therapy: Nursing Implications 0.5
Breaking the Chain of Nosocomial Infections: Pneumonia 2.0
Breaking the Chain of Nosocomial Infections: Surgical Wound Infections 2.0
Infection Control: A Training Program For Healthcare Professionals 4.0
Preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections 1.0
The Control of Infectious Diseases 2.0
The Human Immune System: The Immune Response 1.0
The Human Immune System: When It Turns Against the Body 1.0
Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens 2.0
Professional Development Contact Hour
Developing and Implementing an Effective Marketing Communications Plan 2.0
Developing Policy and Procedure Documents 2.0
The Manager As Facilitator 2.0
Writing for Publication 2.0
Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care 2.0
Evidence-Based Practice: What it Is and What it Is Not 1.0
Nursing Theory: Application to Nursing Practice 1.0
The Challenge of Healthcare Literacy 1.0
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