Quality Endoscope Reprocessing Within Reach

Constant cleaning and disinfecting of endoscopes can take a toll on your equipment...and your staff. Fortunately, the ASP Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) is here to make your demanding endoscope reprocessing tasks a little easier.

  • Automated process efficiently washes and disinfects fiberoptic and video endoscopes
  • Features one of the largest processing basins available today to minimize coiling and damage to endoscopes
  • Compatible with most major brands of flexible endoscopes

* Does not eliminate bedside precleaning. Manual cleaning of medical devices (endoscopes) is not required prior to placement in the EVOTECH® ECR when selecting those cycles that contain a wash stage.

Connection Diagrams

Gyrus ACMI Fujinon KARL STORZ Olympus Pentax
  Index   Index Index
Diagram 032 Diagram 001 Diagram 033 Diagram 004 Diagram 005
  Diagram 002 Diagram 036  Diagram 007 Diagram 006
  Diagram 003   Diagram 008 Diagram 011
  Diagram 009   Diagram 014 Diagram 012
  Diagram 010   Diagram 016 Diagram 015
  Diagram 013   Diagram 017 Diagram 021
  Diagram 020   Diagram 018 Diagram 022
  Diagram 024   Diagram 019 Diagram 023
      Diagram 026 Diagram 025
      Diagram 027 Diagram 028
      Diagram 035 Diagram 029
      Diagram 037  Diagram 030
      Diagram 040 Diagram 031
      Diagram 041  Diagram 034
      Diagram 042  Diagram 038
      Diagram 043  Diagram 039
      Diagram 044 Diagram 046 
      Diagram 045 Diagram 048 
      Diagram 047 Diagram 050 
      Diagram 049 Diagram 052 
      Diagram 051  

The Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) approved endoscopes were tested under controlled conditions to assure proper high-level disinfection using CIDEX® OPA. All connection diagrams were developed using strict testing protocols based on the original manufacturer’s endoscope materials and specifications. ASP cannot guarantee that endoscopes repaired or altered by an ISO or non- approved service facility meets the same endoscope parameters. ASP recommends that all repairs, adjustments, or alterations are performed only by the original manufacturer or an authorized repair facility using original parts and components to assure both and functionality and proper disinfection has been achieved when using the AER.

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