MedCentral Health System LOVES the EVOTECH® ECR

MedCentral Health System in northern Ohio is speaking out about its great experiences with the EVOTECH® Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor (ECR).

Last year, MedCentral replaced its STERIS System 1® with four EVOTECH® ECR systems for endoscope reprocessing at two acute care hospitals. The hospitals are achieving superior results including consistently cleaned* and high-level disinfected flexible endoscopes.

David Narance, manager of sterile processing at MedCentral, said that since the adoption of the EVOTECH® ECR systems, staff members are volunteering to work in the Endoscopy Unit, rather than avoiding it as had occurred in the past. “My team came up with the phrase, “We love our EVOTECH® ECR!” because they are thrilled with the technology,” he said. “If asked whether they would go back to what they were previously doing, hands down they would say they want to stay with the EVOTECH® ECR.”

With an average of 500 cycles run each month, MedCentral’s EVOTECH® ECR systems are bringing higher standards of care and safety to thousands of patients in Ohio. Narance said, “In the end, we want to provide the best product to patients because we know our reputation is on the line. And guess what—our commitment to service excellence has never been stronger since we began using the EVOTECH® ECR.”

MedCentral is equally satisfied with its STERRAD® Systems and the comprehensive support provided by Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). “Our partnership with ASP helps us provide outstanding patient care,” Narance said.

Spreading the Word

  • Look out for a complete case study detailing MedCentral’s experience with the EVOTECH® ECR that will be featured in the Q4 2011 issue of the ASP Frontiers in Infection Prevention newsletter.
  • Healthcare Purchasing News recently featured MedCentral and ASP in this article.

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