Fast-acting Enzymatic Cleaning Power

The deep cleaning action of ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent helps you reduce bacterial burden before instruments are disinfected or sterilized.

  • Penetrates and breaks down proteinaceous matter such as blood, mucous, and feces
  • Can be used in automated equipment: endoscope reprocessors, ultrasonic cleaners, and washer-sterilizers/decontaminators according to manufacturers' recommendations

Specially formulated for cleaning of hard-to-remove organic matter like blood, protein, and mucous from endoscopic instruments and general equipment.


The proteolytic enzymes in ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent break down the hard-to-reach, tough, dried-on organic matter while the mild pH detergent in ENZOL® Detergent removes the matter from the equipment, leaving them clean.


Minimum 1 minute soak time. One-step process reduces the need for mechanical cleaning which may reduce exposure to contaminated equipment.


Mild pH reduces likelihood of corrosion to equipment.

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