Protecting Lives...and the Environment

Advanced Sterilization Productions (ASP), Division of Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has a long track record of designing and delivering innovative infection prevention solutions that dramatically raise the level of healthcare and safety for those who matter most. Our pioneering technology, global distribution, and established leadership position enable us to simplify the process of buying and operating infection prevention products and services every day, for thousands of medical facilities around the world. This in turn enables our customers to focus on what they do best - preventing infection and saving lives.

ASP has a commitment to environmental excellence. The following are environmental highlights for the company:

  • ISO 14001 certified since 1998.
  • Habitat/Conservation projects – ASP partnered with the Upper Newport Back Bay for monthly activities.
  • Expanded the use of post-consumer recycled content in packaging
  • Removal of PVC from packaging
  • Commitment to using 30% PCRC for in house copy paper
  • Use of compostable coffee cups.
  • Use of compostable plates made from sugar cane
  • Use of eco friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Purchase of renewable energy
  • Rideshare program for ASP employees includes incentives to encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation.

ASP has invested in multiple projects to reduce energy. Besides being an HP2010 goal, it is also an ISO 14001 Objective & Target. ASP has made great strides in reduction by using an Energy management system, purchasing renewable energy credits and participating in Southern California Edison’s Demand Response Program. ASP is the first western state J&J company to participate in this type of program.

ASP has a robust recycling program that has dramatically reduced the amount of non-hazardous waste generated. In 2008, ASP implemented a recycling process for the use of blue kimguards that are used in every Sterrad cycle run at the plant. This has increased the recycling to almost 300 lbs a month of just the kimguards. Recycling in 2009 hit over 150,000 pounds.

In 2008, ASP had an ISO 14001 objective to increase the post consumer recycled content in its packaging. This objective ended up increasing the amount of PCRC by over 50% of the previous year.

Besides non-hazardous waste reduction, ASP is improving its overall environmental footprint. The use of compostable plates made from sugarcane and compostable hot drink cups are being used throughout the ASP campus. Another exciting feature is the use of environmentally friendly chemicals with the Ecoseal label used by the housekeeping staff and the use of biodegradable soap and post consumer recycled paper bathroom suppliers, all which are certified. Each of these initiatives has helped ASP move in the direction of reducing our environmental footprint.


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