Select The Right Sterilization System For Your Needs

Know The Facts Before You Make A Purchase

When evaluating sterilizers, you should consider the devices your facility sterilizes most frequently. The STERRAD® Systems brand has the most Medical Device Manufacturer (MDM) IFU endorsements for low-temperature sterilization.

Although they may have some similarities, other sterilization systems do not have the same sterilization claims and features as STERRAD® Systems. Use this guide to make notes about how other systems you are considering compare to STERRAD® Systems. Contact your ASP representative regarding trade-in opportunities and promotional pricing to upgrade to STERRAD® Systems.

Compare Systems
Brand with the most IFU endorsements for low temperature sterilization. YES YES YES
Hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology - plasma phase breaks down H202 in the chamber rather than simply venting it through a filter YES YES YES
Proprietary H202 monitors measure sterilant concentration during cycle YES YES NO
Sterilziation will cancel if instruments are not dry as required by multi-society guidelines YES YES YES
Shelf Dimensions Both shelves:
17 in x 28 in
Both shelves:
12.3 in x 23.6 in
Top: 17 in x 28 in
Bottom: 30 in x 13 in
Approx. Cycle Times (including aeration, if required) 60 minutes - DUO
42 minutes - FLEX
47 minutes - STANDARD
24 minutes - EXPRESS
28 minutes - STANDARD
38 minutes - ADVANCED
55 minutes
Instrument Tracking Software (ITS) connectivity YES YES NO
Easy-to-handle sterilant cassette YES YES YES
Byproducts - water vapor and oxygen YES YES YES
Weekly leak test required NO NO NO
Ergonomic footpad YES NO NO
Easy-to-load thermal printer - no ribbon required YES YES N0
Stores short-term cycle data and allows for customized record keeping YES YES NO
Single-channel stainless steel lumens ≥0.7 mm x ≤ 500 mm ≥1 mm x ≤ 500 mm ≥1 mm x ≤ 125 mm
≥2 mm x ≤ 250 mm
≥3 mm x ≤ 400 mm
Single-channel flexible scope lumens (PE/PTFE) ≥1 mm x ≤ 875 mm (DUO Cycle) ≥1 mm x ≤ 850 mm OUTSIDE THE US ONLY
da Vinci® 3-D endoscopes YES (EXPRESS Cycle)* NO YES
Indications for Use includes metal, non-metal, heat- and moisture-sensitive devices YES YES YES
Supported by the online STERRAD® Sterility Guide, listing 12,000+ devices within STERRAD® Systems sterility claims and validated by Device Manufacturers (MDMs) YES YES YES
*Valid only for the DUO cycle
Clinical Education Consultants available before and after installation YES YES YES
Purchase includes installation, all validation materials, in-servicing, a 1-year warranty and planned maintenance for the first year YES YES YES
Service Contracts: Various Options Available YES YES YES
Service consistently ranked high in third party customer surveys including MD Buyline YES YES YES
Biomedical Training Available YES YES YES
Electrical requirements 208 VAC, 60 Hz,
30 Amp
108 VAC, 20 Amp 208 VAC, 60 Hz, 20 Amp
Water required NO NO NO
Venting/vent line required NO NO NO
Drainage required NO NO NO
Gas tank or oxygen tank required NO NO NO
Abator or aeration required NO NO NO
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