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ASP Celebrates Over 50 Years of Pioneering High-Level Disinfection with the CIDEX® Solutions Brand

Join us in celebrating the golden anniversary of the CIDEX® Solutions brand. Over 50 years ago Ethicon pioneered a trail for the high-level disinfection category by creating CIDEX® Solutions. Infection prevention is part of the legacy of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, dating back to the 1800s with the introduction of sterile surgical dressings.

The need for high-level disinfection began in the 1960s, with the introduction of reusable flexible endoscopes. These high-tech minimally invasive devices could not withstand the heat and pressure associated with steam; therefore Ethicon Inc. developed a lower temperature high-level disinfectant solution that was efficacious, yet gentle on endoscopes. At the time, formaldehyde and ethylene oxide (ETO) were the primary alternatives to high-temperature steam modalities.

Ethicon Inc. patented CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution, a revolutionary innovative product at the time. The CIDEX® Solutions brand introduced the first high-level disinfection product specifically designed for instruments, such as flexible scopes with delicate materials and lenses. Over the last 50 years, the CIDEX® Solutions brand has established itself as the trailblazer for high-level disinfection and the gold standard for the category.1

The CIDEX® Solutions brand tradition of innovation continues into the 21st century with winning technologies in high-level disinfection products:

  • CIDEX® OPA Solution is the industry instrument processing standard for semi-critical devices that require high-level disinfection.
    CIDEX® OPA Solution is the time-tested, rapid, high-level disinfectant trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide.
  • CIDEX® OPA-C Solution provides a fast and effective solution for high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Based on the clinically proven CIDEX® OPA Solution, CIDEX® OPA-C Solution is a concentrated high-level disinfectant specially formulated for use with the EVOTECH® Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor (ECR). The EVOTECH® ECR is a revolution in endoscope cleaning that provides an automated solution for cleaning of flexible endoscopes.*

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*Manual cleaning of medical devices (endoscopes) is not required prior to placement in the EVOTECH® ECR when selecting those cycles that contain a wash stage. Does not eliminate bedside precleaning.

1Based on market research studies. Data on file at ASP.

Note: Please read and follow the Instructions for Use (IFU) prior to using for important information including contraindications, warnings, and proper directions.


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