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We're here for you. As the industry leader in customer service and support, we stand behind our products and strive to assure that your facility experiences maximum productivity with minimum downtime.

Call us 24/7/365 for

  • Help when you're considering purchasing from ASP
  • Support for a current ASP product or solution
  • Any technical, clinical, regulation, and system-related issues

Rest assured, your inquiry via email or phone 888-783-7723 will be handled promptly, thoroughly, and to your satisfaction.

Customer and Technical Service FAQs

Our skilled team of field service engineers, technical support experts, and licensed clinical professionals are here to answer your questions and keep your facility operations on track.

Whether you choose a Preferred Service, Full Service, or CO-OP Service agreement, ASP stands behind our commitment to dedicated technical service on every product.

We hope these Frequently Asked Questions are helpful in addressing your concern:

1. How do I purchase from the CIDEX® Family of Products?
You may purchase CIDEX® Solutions and supplies from your local distributor.

2. How do I purchase STERRAD® Sterilization System supplies?
You may purchase STERRAD® System supplies from our online ordering section or you can call ASP Customer Support at 888-783-7723 or 949-453-6400. You may also wish to e-mail us at

3. How do I contact my ASP account executive?
To contact your dedicated ASP account executive, please call ASP at 888-783-7723.

4. How do I reach a Help Desk representative?
You may reach the Help Desk by dialing 888-783-7723.

5. How do I access Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS), product inserts, and general information on the CIDEX® Family of Products?
You may locate MSDS for the CIDEX® Family of Products in our User Resources section. You may view, download, and print product information on the CIDEX® Family of Products in the literature section under the specific CIDEX® Family of Products solution in which you are interested. If you have additional questions please call our toll-free number at 888-783-7723.

6. How do I access log books and load documents for ASP products?
ASP provides printable CIDEX® log sheets and STERRAD® System load sheets. Please see product-specific literature on this site for more information.

7. What is ASP's domestic return policy?
To review ASP's domestic return policy, please download and read the ASP Domestic Return Policy.

8. What is ASP's product warranty policy?
To review ASP's product warranty policy, please download and read the ASP Product Warranty Policy.

9. What is ASP's warranty policy for the EVOTECH® ECR System?

To review ASP's warranty policy for the EVOTECH® ECR System, please download and read the EVOTECH® ECR System Warranty Customer Letter.

For assistance with additional questions not addressed here, please contact us at or 888-783-7723.

For specific questions about ordering and consumables, you may also directly dial 800-255-2500.

To view our shipping information, please view the ASP Shipping Policy.

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