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Sterrad NX


Speed and Flexibility in a Compact Size

With the STERRAD® NX® System, terminally sterilized instruments are readily available to help you keep your OR ahead of schedule while providing the highest level of sterility assurance for your patients.

  • Terminally sterilized devices maintain sterility so they can be used immediately or be stored for later use
  • Delivers a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, the highest standard of care for patients
  • Enhanced sterilization technology increases ability to penetrate lumens and process many single-channel flexible endoscopes and semi-rigid ureteroscopes, plus cameras, light cords, batteries, power drills, rigid scopes and much more.

STERRAD® NX® System Specs

Technical Specs

Total cycle time: STANDARD Cycle, 28 minutes; ADVANCED Cycle, 38 minutes

Cycle temperature: Less than 131°F (55°C)

Dimensions (System Only):
22 in (56 cm) wide
33 in (84 cm) high
32 in (81 cm) deep
Weight: 275 lb (125 kg)

Dimensions (System with Specially Designed Cart):
24 in (61 cm) wide
62.1 in (158 cm) high
35 in (89 cm) deep
Weight: 411 lb / 187 kg

Sterilization chamber:
Rectangular configuration 1.1 ft3 (30 liters)
Two-tiered shelf–12.3 in x 23.6 in (31.2 cm x 60 cm)

Installation and Operating Requirements

Single phase dedicated circuit with dedicated hot and neutral wires, and a NEMA 5-20 receptacle with a 20 amp circuit breaker.
Wire gauge sufficient to maintain 108-132 VAC w/16 amps continuous & 40 amps momentary current.
The STERRAD® NX® Sterilizer has a vacuum pump which will cause the sterilizer to draw up to 40 amps of current for 1 to
2 seconds when the pump starts. If the wire gauge is too small, when the vacuum pump starts the line voltage at the outlet will drop to a level which can cause the sterilizer to reboot. Have the electrician use a voltage drop calculator to ensure the line voltage at the outlet does not drop below 108 Volts AC during the 1 to 2 seconds of 40 amps current draw.

ASP recommends mounting your system on the specially-designed cart that can be ordered with the STERRAD® NX® System or on a countertop that meets specifications.

Operational environment:
Temperature–64°F to 95°F (18°C–35°C)
Humidity–10% to 85% up to 86°F, linearly decreasing from 85% at 86°F to 70% at 95°F

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