Select STERRAD® System Consumables Available Only Through Distributors Starting November 1, 2012!

Select STERRAD® System consumables will be available for purchase only through distributors. Important to note:
STERRAD® CYCLESURE 24 Biological Indicators (BI) will continue to be sold directly through ASP only.
For a complete list of STERRAD® System consumables now available for purchase from your distributor click here.

Supplies for STERRAD® Systems

  • STERRAD® CYCLESURE® 24 Biological Indicator (Not Available through Distribution)
    Designed exclusively for use in STERRAD® Systems, this biological indicator provides evidence that proper sterilization conditions have been achieved in just 24 hours. View the STERRAD® CYCLESURE® 24 BI Data Sheet | View the STERRAD® CYCLESURE® 24 BI Wall Chart
  • ASP® SteriTite® Containers
    These branded,sealed container systems protect surgical instruments for sterilization, transportation, storage, and aseptic presentation of contents. Each container includes a custom start-up kit with accessories. READ MORE
  • Tyvek® Pouches and Rolls with STERRAD Chemical Indicator
    Available in a variety of sizes, Tyvek® Pouches and Rolls with STERRAD Chemical Indicator provide confirmation that instruments have been exposed to hydrogen peroxide. They are offered in self-seal or heat-seal formats. READ MORE
  • STERRAD® System Cassettes
    Individually wrapped with an external leak monitor. Cassettes are available for the STERRAD® 100S, STERRAD® 200, STERRAD® 50, STERRAD® NX®, and STERRAD® 100NX® Sterilization Systems.
  • STERRAD® Chemical Indicators (CI)
    STERRAD® SEALSURE® CI Tape and STERRAD® Chemical Indicator Strips change colors to indicate exposure to hydrogen peroxide. READ MORE
  • APTIMAX® Instrument Trays
    These trays were specifically designed as a lightweight and durable option for properly packaging instrumentation for sterilization in STERRAD® Systems, They provide optimal protection for your instruments, and are available in a variety of sizes. READ MORE

If you have any questions, contact your local ASP sales representative or call us at 888-783-7723.


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