Fast-acting Enzymatic Cleaning Power

The deep cleaning action of ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent helps you reduce bacterial burden before instruments are disinfected or sterilized.

  • Penetrates and breaks down proteinaceous matter such as blood, mucous, and feces
  • Can be used in automated equipment: endoscope reprocessors, ultrasonic cleaners, and washer-sterilizers/decontaminators according to manufacturers' recommendations

How to Use ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent

ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent can be used for both manual and automated cleaning.

For manual use:

  1. Add 1 ounce (1 pump) of ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent per gallon of water
    • For removal of dried-on matter, extend soak time, use 2 ounces per gallon of water, and/or use warm water
  2. Soak instruments immediately after use until all organic material is removed
    • A minimum soak of 1 minute is recommended
  3. Flush detergent through all channels
  4. If necessary, mechanically clean equipment
  5. Thoroughly rinse equipment, aspirating water through all channels to remove detergent
  6. Rough-dry equipment, including all channels
  7. Proceed to high-level disinfection or sterilization
    • For automated equipment, please follow manufacturer's recommendations.
  8. Discard ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent after each use. Flush used detergent down the drain with water or in accordance with local regulations.
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