Are You Replacing Your STERIS SYSTEM 1® With A Sterilizer?

The STERIS® System 1E™ is not a sterilizer and cannot meet your critical device processing needs.* The STERRAD® NX® System is the clear choice for processing the critical devices you depend on while maintaining sterility assurance in your OR.

Upgrade to the STERRAD® NX® System for the sterility assurance that your patients deserve and the productivity that you need

The STERIS® System 1E™ does not provide the same processing capabilities as the STERIS® System 1®. The SS1E is a liquid chemical sterilant processing system, which the FDA recommends only for critical devices that are heat-sensitive and incompatible with other sterilization methods such as steam and gas/vapor/plasma low-temperature processes.2

Sterilize with Confidence

  • The STERRAD® NX® System delivers a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 as required for the clearance of sterilizers
  • The STERRAD® CYCLESURE® 24 Biological Indicator (BI) provides evidence of proper sterilization conditions as recommended by AAMI, AORN and the CDC
  • Gas plasma low-temperature sterilization conveys a greater sterility assurance than liquid chemical sterilant processing

Sterilize More in Less Time

  • Sterilize two instrument sets in one 28-minute cycle
  • Sterilize a wide range of heat-sensitive and heat-stable critical devices
  • Terminally sterilized devices maintain sterility for immediate or later use
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