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Are You Following Scope Transportation Best Practices? Now You Can With SCOPEVALET ENDO BAG & TAG

May 15, 2014

Review the scope transportation guidelines and see how the new SCOPEVALET ENDO BAG and TAG helps facilities meet best practices.

Download the Latest Instructions for Use (IFUs)

January 20, 2014

Access the latest Instructions for Use (IFU) for your favorite ASP products. Download the complete library.

22 New Scopes Qualified for the EVOTECH® ECR System

November 22, 2013

Process all qualified endoscopes for the EVOTECH® ECR system and download the latest index!

It's Here! We Launched Our New Web Sites. Play Video Tutorials and Provide Your Feedback.

October 7, 2013

To celebrate our launch, sign up for an ASP Web site account to unlock all the new features. We have three videos to help you navigate the site and walk you through the new benefits.

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