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The STERRAD® 100NX® System is the leader in low-temperature sterilization technology, offering a comprehensive solution to sterilize instruments with confidence.


Safe Cassette Collection Box

Cassette container protects healthcare workers by storing used cassettes for safe handling and disposal.

Easy-to-Load Sterilization Cassette

Easy access to load sterilizer cassettes. Self-contained cassettes store enough sterilant for five cycles, and ship with leak indicators that help assure the safety of your staff should a cassette get damaged in shipping.

Interactive Touch Screen Interface

Easy-to-read, color-coded touch screen makes the system easy to operate. Interface provides data entry for operator and instrument information along with basic diagnostics and system information.

Sterilization Chamber

Rectangular shape makes the most of usable space to load medical instruments - accommodating multiple instrument sets in a single cycle.

Thermal Printer

Printer provides a complete record of all key information of user, instrument type and load. Easy-to-load technology eliminates printer ribbons.

Ergonomic Footpad

Ergonomic footpad allows hands-free opening and closing of chamber door, adding more convenience to system operation.


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