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Fast Acting High-Level Disinfection

For efficient, high-level disinfection of your endoscopes and instruments,
CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution is a fast-acting high-level disinfectant choice that keeps your schedule in check.


The Rapid, Cost-Effective Solution, Trusted Worldwide
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CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution enables quick instrument turnaround to help you maximize scheduling of daily procedures. With its broad kill spectrum, this reliable high-level disinfectant is effective and safe for a wide variety of medical instruments and devices, including endoscopes.

Excellent Compatibility

Can be used on a wide variety of medical devices.

Broad spectrum of kill

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity destroys all vegetative forms of bacteria as well as 6 log reduction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Effective in the presence of 5% organic soil.


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