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Trust in a complete solution of STERRAD® System supplies and consumables for use with your STERRAD® Sterilization System — validated to work together to ensure instrument sterility.

STERRAD® SEALSURE Chemical Indicator Tape and Chemical Indicator Strips

Designed specifically for use with your STERRAD® Sterilization System, STERRAD® SEALSURE® Chemical Indicator Tape and STERRAD® Chemical Indicator Strips use exclusive ink technology to provide an added, easy-to-read indication that the instruments have been exposed to hydrogen peroxide, leaving you confident of proper processing.

TYVEK® Pouches & Rolls
Simple Convenience.

Designed exclusively for use with STERRAD® Systems, ASP’s Tyvek® Pouches and Rolls come with the convenience of a built-in STERRAD® Chemical Indicator (CI), simplifying confirmation that the instruments have been exposed to hydrogen peroxide. ASP offers a wide variety of Tyvek® Pouches and Rolls, including heat-seal and self-seal styles, to meet every instrument need.

APTIMAX® Instrument Trays, Mats & Holders
The Ultimate in Instrument Protection

These trays are specifically designed as a lightweight and durable option for properly packaging instrumentation for sterilization in STERRAD® Systems. They provide optimal protection for your instruments, and are available in a variety of sizes.

For complete product details, please see Instructions for Use.
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