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  • Biological indicator (BI) usage reminders
  • Cycle selection and load placement instructions
  • Test BIs linked with corresponding control BI
  • Automatic and immediate reconciliation of sterilizer cycle and BI results. 
  • Automated record keeping
  • Records accessible and audit-ready


ASP ACCESS™ Technology

Smart information-sharing technology that is designed to enhances compliance and easily integrates with instrument tracking systems (ITS) and hospital networks.

STERRAD® Systems with ALLCLear® Technology

ALLCLear® Technology is designed to minimizes workflow interruptions and user errors to drive compliance.

STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator System

Next generation rapid readout BI System for STERRAD® Sterilizers from ASP. Equipped with industry-leading intelligence and intuitive software, STERRAD VELOCITYTM can help SPDs increase patient safety and achieve peace of mind.

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