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STERRAD® System Sterilant Cassettes

Proprietary technology for effective sterilization.

Individually wrapped with a visible leak monitor


APTIMAX® Instrument Trays, Mats & Holders

Securely protect medical devices.

Compatible with STERRAD® Systems and multiple other sterilization modalities

Silicone instrument mats and holders provide added protection and flexibility

Lightweight material and snug-fitting lids ensure ease of handling

TYVEK® Pouches & Rolls

Features chemical indication of hydrogen peroxide exposure right on the pouch.

Pouches and rolls feature a convenient built-in STERRAD® Chemical Indicator (CI)

Pouches feature barriers against contamination and a thumb notch for easy opening

Self-seal and heat-seal styles, as well as a range of sizes to accommodate most instruments

Sterilization Monitoring

STERRAD® CYCLESURE® 24 Biological Indicators

Indicates if conditions for sterilization were achieved.

Provides evidence that proper sterilization conditions were achieved in just 24 hours

Built-in chemical indicator confirms that it has been exposed to hydrogen peroxide if color has changed from red to golden yellow or bronze