This edition of the GLOSAIR™ newsletter focuses on the 2014 Healthcare Infection Society Conference held in Lyon, France. There is a conference overview piece and an in-depth look into ASP's symposium at the event. In addition is an article on how hand hygiene methods can be more efficient alongside environmental cleaning.


FALL 2013

The third edition of the GLOSAIR™ quarterly newsletter looks at how the use of the GLOSAIR™ 400 system can help decrease the impact of Norovirus. Also included recommendations from the Health First Conference on how to reduce HAIs across Europe and calls to set standards for Automated Area Decontamination.



The fourth edition of the GLOSAIR™ newsletter previews the ICPIC conference in Geneva, Switzerland, where ASP are running a symposium to give you chance to learn about Automated Area Decontamination and results achieved with GLOSAIR™ technology. The newsletter also features an update about the significant steps in adopting a standard for practice in AAD, as it is becoming more common across the region as an effective method in the fight against HAIs


FALL 2012

The second edition of the GLOSAIR™ Quarterly newsletter brings you news on changing Government policies seeking to address the threat of healthcare associated infections, a report from the Twelfth Congress of The International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) and news on the latest study to demonstrate efficacy of low-concentration hydrogen peroxide.



The first edition of the GLOSAIR™ Quarterly newsletter brings you news on the Role of Hydrogen Peroxiden in Infection Prevention,  the latest facts and figures on healthcare associated infections and the lowdown on ASP's new Centre for Excellence.


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