GET CONNECTED with the Digital Transfer Interface (DTI) for STERRAD® Systems

Your STERRAD® NX® and 100NX® Systems can seamlessly integrate with your hospital information system. DTI improves efficiency and productivity by providing automatic electronic record keeping.

Features and Benefits

Added value from your DTI technology is available for the
STERRAD® NX® and 100NX® Systems.

  • Network Connection
    A dynamic network connection between your STERRAD® System and your facility’s IT network provides greater integration and efficiency.
  • Electronic cycle record capture
    Network connection allows for automatic data transfer and storage of cycle records, improving and simplifying the process of data management.
  • Validated and integrated connectivity
    STERRAD® Systems now connect to instrument tracking software. Contact your ASP rep to learn more about which instrument tracking software solutions are supported.

Order Information

Product Code Product Description
DTINX Digital Transfer Interface for STERRAD® NX® System
DTI 100NX Digital Transfer Interface for STERRAD® 100NX® System


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