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Sterrad 100S

Over 13 Years of Proven Performance

The STERRAD® 100S System gives you an advantage in both speed and flexibility. The system processes heat and moisture-sensitive devices in 55 minutes, and its low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology efficiently eliminates toxic residue for a safe working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do STERRAD® Systems work?
  2. How do I operate a STERRAD® System?
  3. What are the installation requirements for the STERRAD® 100S System?
  4. Why should I choose a STERRAD® 100S System?
  5. What devices and materials can I sterilize in a STERRAD® 100S System?
  6. What advantages do STERRAD® Systems offer over peracetic acid, steam, and EtO systems?
  7. Can STERRAD® Systems be used to sterilize instruments typically sterilized with steam or EtO?
  8. What brand(s) of trays should be used with a STERRAD® 100S System?
  9. Is technical support available with the purchase of a STERRAD® 100S System?
  10. How do I order a STERRAD® 100S System?
  11. Can you process batteries in a STERRAD® 100S System?
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