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An Evolution in Clean: GLOSAIR™ Health Care Environmental Decontamination

Introducing the GLOSAIR™ Health Care Environmental Decontamination Technology and Services:


Expressly For Healthcare Environments.

Designed for large and small spaces, particularly hospitals and healthcare facilities, ASP GLOSAIR™ Healthcare Environmental Decontamination Solutions provide the right balance of safety, efficacy and convenience.


  • Safe for patients, equipment and the environment when used as directed
  • Low concentration of 5% hydrogen peroxide solution reduces microbial load without leaving toxic residues
  • Augments your current manual cleaning process


  • Decontaminates with a uniform mist of 5% H2O2 solution
  • Decontamination with mist H2O2 is effective in eliminating HAI pathogens


  • Portable unit for mobility across your facility
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