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The GLOSAIR™ 600 System with Sure Cycle

The next evolution in healthcare environmental decontamination.

Three-phase Sure Cycle technology completely automates H2O2-based decontamination and provides a precise balance of safety,* efficacy, and efficiency. It’s the ultimate in simple, user-friendly design that adapts to your facility’s unique time pressures and disinfection needs.

Here’s how Sure Cycle works:

Phase 1: Delivery

The system automatically calculates the quantity of disinfectant to be dispersed, as well as the spraying time, based on the size of the room. A 5% concentration of H2O2 mist is diffused into the room and acts on the contaminating organisms on the room’s surfaces.

Phase 2: Contact

The action of the hydrogen peroxide results in major reductions in a broad spectrum of bioburden types in only 10 minutes.

Phase 3: Active Aeration

A mist of sterile water is dispersed and then extracted, speeding the process and eliminating any H2O2 residue. Automated sensors detect when the concentration of H2O2 has been reduced to levels safe for staff and patients when used as directed.

The GLOSAIR™ 600 system augments your infection prevention bundle with safe, powerful healthcare environmental decontamination

The GLOSAIR™ 600 System not only enhances decontamination—it also works seamlessly with your facility’s current infection prevention bundle, including hand hygiene and manual cleaning. While your environmental service personnel are cleaning one room, they can be decontaminating another. It’s particularly practical for isolation rooms that require deep cleaning after each patient.

*Read and follow the User’s Guide for the Glosair ™ 600 System prior to use for important safety information.

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