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Ready for Efficiency in the GI Suite

The CLEANASCOPE® System is the specialized storage and transportation unit that helps improve efficiency and standardization in your endoscope processing cycle.

  • Unique design reduces endoscope contact with airborne contaminants and helps you easily differentiate between clean and contaminated endoscopes
  • Reusable trays protect against equipment damage and allow you to easily move equipment around the GI suite
  • Available in convenient 2-tray, 5-tray, 6-tray, and 10-tray configurations

We're Always Here to Help with Your High-Level Disinfection Needs

As ASP, we strive to maintain our position as the industry leader in customer service and support. To address your continuing needs on a timely basis, we offer unlimited 24/7/365 access to our knowledgeable and skilled customer service team. Our experts can assist you with all technical, clinical, regulation, and system-related queries and help facilitate your valuable uptime and throughput.

Please contact us at or 888-783-7723 whenever a need occurs.

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