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Ready for Efficiency in the GI Suite

The CLEANASCOPE® System is the specialized storage and transportation unit that helps improve efficiency and standardization in your endoscope processing cycle.

  • Unique design reduces endoscope contact with airborne contaminants and helps you easily differentiate between clean and contaminated endoscopes
  • Reusable trays protect against equipment damage and allow you to easily move equipment around the GI suite
  • Available in convenient 2-tray, 5-tray, 6-tray, and 10-tray configurations

Experience the benefits

Designed to promote safety and improve efficiency of the endoscope processing cycle.

  • Reduces risk of equipment cross-contamination. 
  • Quickly identifies clean versus contaminated endoscopes.
  • Improves efficiency of the endoscope processing cycle.
  • Reusable trays guard against costly equipment damage.
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