Over 18 Years Of Proven STERRAD® Technology

With its tradition of reliability and efficiency, the re-designed STERRAD® 100S System offers performance you can count on for simplicity in instrument processing.


Features and Benefits : 

Easy-to-Load Sterilization Cassette

Easy access to load sterilizer cassettes. Self-contained cassettes store enough sterilant for five cycles, and ship with leak indicators that help assure the safety of your staff should a cassette get damaged in shipping.

Single button operation

Ultimate in simplicity: one-button operation makes the system easy for your staff to use.

Sterilization Chamber

100L sterilization chamber allows multiple trays and pouches and containers to be sterilized simultaneously.

Convenient Printer

Printer provides a complete record of all key information for record-keeping.

Comprehensive Solution

ASP offers excellent service and support options to help ensure that your facility operates with maximum uptime and scheduling predictability. ASP’s licensed clinical professionals can help provide guidance on the processing steps required to terminally sterilize with STERRAD® Systems.

STERRAD® Sterility Guide

Interactive guide that lists devices that fall within STERRAD® System claims for sterility. It is the most comprehensive list of approvals from the device manufacturer.

Technical Specs : 

Total Cycle Time

55 minutes

Cycle Temperature

Less than 131°F / 55°C


Height :

65.4 in

Width :

30.1 in

Depth :

41.2 in

Chamber Shape :


Shelf Dimensions

Upper shelf :

28 in x 17 in

Lower shelf :

30 in x 13 in

Installation and Electrical Requirements

Space Requirement:

78 in x 34 in x 42 in(166.4 cm x 86.4 cm x 106.7 cm)

Electrical Requirement:

208 VAC, 60 Hz 3 phase WYE, 20 amps NEMA L21-20 receptacle, CBA phase rotation

Operational Environment

Temperature :

50°F to 104°F / +10°C to +40°C

Humidity :

30-75% relative humidity (non-condensing)