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  • ASP Engineer Helps Build Bridge in Rural Kenya. As a member of Engineers Without Borders, ASP engineer Dan Ramey recently traveled to Kenya to help complete a much-needed footbridge in a rural town.
  • Are You Ready? Device Manufacturers to Revise Labeling by February 2011. On February of 2010, the FDA announced that all medical device manufacturers should revise any labeling that indicates that their devices can be processed using the STERIS System 1 System.
  • Did You Miss Webinar 5, "What's The Difference? Choosing The Right Alternative In Your O.R."? Still unsure about which SS1 alternative is the right fit for your O.R? Join us for an engaging comparison of the STERRAD® NXTM System with the STERIS System 1ETM. We explain the differences and highlight the benefits of transitioning to the STERRAD® NXTM System. Rinse water, validated devices, packaging and customer education - we answer your questions!
  • Announcing The Latest Premier Purchasing Partners Group Buy Program at ASP. Receive 15% off Premier Contract Price on all STERRAD® Systems and EVOTECH® ECR Equipment from now until November 30th 2010. Premier members can access the details on Supply Chain Advisor, the Premier web site, under contract GB-OR-526A.
  • National League For Nursing Honors Johnson & Johnson Campaign For Nursing's Future At 2010 Education Summit. The National League for Nursing honored its partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future, bestowing one of the League's prestigious President's Awards at a ceremony held during the NLN's 2010 Education Summit, "Shaping History, Reforming Health Care: The Power of Nursing Education.
  • Celebrating Infection Prevention Week (October 17-23). During Infection Prevention Week, ASP would like to recognize our customers and everyone who works every day to protect patients’ lives from infection. From hospitals’ clinical and administrative staff, to medical scientists and researchers, to the entire team at ASP – we all play a critical role in creating the safest possible environments for patients around the world. This week is a great time to explore our website and learn about the latest advancements in infection prevention from ASP.
    You can register today for a new ASP Webinar taking place on November 12, 2010 about choosing the right infection prevention solution for your O.R.!
  • Now You Can Follow ASP on Twitter! When it comes to infection prevention, we know it is important for you to be in the know. Follow us and you will receive tweets about some of the latest infection prevention issues, links to relevant news stories and published studies, information on upcoming events, locations for company appearances, as well as updates about our products and much more.
    To follow ASPJJ on Twitter, please go to a follower of ASPJJ, you will be a part of the conversation and engaged in the many ways ASP is raising the standard of infection prevention around the world!
  • Attending O.R. Excellence? Visit ASP at Booth #109! Outpatient Surgery Magazine is sponsoring the OR Excellence Conference in Ft. Lauderdale from October 27-29 where ASP will be providing education around how to safely sterilize in your operating room with STERRAD® Technology. Our clinical team will be onsite to offer demonstrations and answer your questions! Interested? Click here for more information.
  • Our Special Thanks To Central Sterile Processing Professionals. October 10-16, 2010, has been designated as National Healthcare CS & Sterile Processing Week. Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) would like to recognize and thank all Central Sterile Processing professionals for your contributions in keeping patients safe! 
  • Are You Transitioning From the STERIS System 1®? Return your STERIS System 1® to ASP and you’ll receive $6,000 off the price of a new STERRAD® Sterilization System or EVOTECH® Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor (ECR). Read more.
  • ASP Infection Prevention Solutions at an Incredible Value: Check out ASP’s Large Volume Incentive Program where you can acquire ground breaking technology from ASP – the infection prevention solution provider – at up to 12% off. Read more.
  • Making A Difference: ASP Bikes, Swims and Runs For Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. A team of Johnson & Johnson associates — including ASP — competed in the 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon benefitting the Pediatric Cancer Research Program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. As one the top ten corporate fundraisers in this year’s race, the Johnson & Johnson team raised a total $33,917 and the event raised over $1 million for the research program at the hospital...Read more.
  • Pennsylvania Partnerships Address Statewide Nursing Shortage: In a continual effort to alleviate the nationwide nursing shortage, the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future is hosting the Promise of Nursing for Pennsylvania gala to raise funds and provide scholarships to help ease the nursing shortage in Pennsylvania...Read more.
  • Extends Its Global Reach!. Check out our new EMEA site...Click here to visit.
  • Johnson & Johnson Aims to Help Up to 120 Million Women and Children Each Year Through Five-Year Commitment to U.N. Millennium Development Goals. Johnson & Johnson announced the launch of Every Mother, Every Child, a comprehensive, five-year, private-sector effort to improve the health of women and children in developing countries. The initiative supports the United Nations’ April 2010 call for a renewed effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of reducing mortality in women and children by 2015...Read more
  • Infection Control Today hosts a Webinar on the Cleaning Efficacy of the EVOTECH® Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor (ECR) - On August 19, world-renowned microbiologist, Dr. Michelle Alfa, conducted an ASP-sponsored Webinar focused on the results of the third party study evaluating the cleaning efficacy of the EVOTECH® ECR. The replay is available exclusively through Infection Control Today...Click here to view Webinar
  • CIDEX® OPA Solution is the #1 Trusted Brand - Isn't it time to change to a faster, less damaging high-level disinfectant? ... Click here to learn more.
  • Let Your STERRAD® Do More For You - Did you know that STERRAD® Systems are safe for sterilizing most of your instruments? Extensive materials and lumen claims facilitate instrument processing for your staff and increase productivity, all while delivering sterility assurance for your devices.. Click here to access the full article.
  • Take Your OR Expertise To The Next Level - Check Out the ASP Educational Workshop. Click here to view the video replay
  • Johnson & Johnson Receives First “Best Companies For Hourly Workers: Spotlight Award Johnson & Johnson was recently recognized as one of the best companies for hourly workers by Working Mother Media and Corporate Voices for Working Families. The “Best Companies for Hourly Workers: Spotlight Award” was created to honor companies that provide innovative work/life support for their entire U.S. workforces. Wendy C. Breiterman, director, global Work/Life Strategies, accepted the award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on behalf of Johnson & Johnson... Click here to read more
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