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ASP and Local Starbucks Coffee Store Send Holiday Cheer to U.S. Troops

ASP and a local Starbucks coffee shop have teamed up to send support and comfort to U.S. troops abroad this holiday season. Through Operation Gratitude, both Starbucks customers and ASP associates are donating boxes of instant coffee and other pick-me-up items like snacks, toiletries, magazines and clothing for soldiers based in remote parts of the world. These items will be assembled into care packages and sent to ten ASP-nominated soldiers in late December — bringing them a little holiday cheer and showing them our gratitude for their service. ASP associates are also writing personal thank-you notes to be included in the care packages.

A collection box will be available on Friday, December 10 at the Starbucks at 15342 Alton Parkway in Irvine, California. Everyone in the area is welcome to participate by bringing donations to the store and buying a box of instant coffee for the troops. One box will provide a soldier with coffee for approximately one week. This is a great opportunity to get involved and help our troops stay alert!

Operation Gratitude is sponsored by the associate-led ASP Caring Committee, which supports programs for giving back to our communities and living Our Credo all year round.



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