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ASP in the News

As ASP continues to make advancements in infection prevention, we also continue to make news. Click below to read about recent ASP product, service, and corporate highlights from the industry's top publications:

  • ASP and Starbucks Coffee Send Holiday Cheer to U.S. Troops. ASP and a local Starbucks coffee shop have teamed up to send support and comfort to U.S. troops abroad this holiday season. Through Operation Gratitude, both Starbucks customers and ASP associates are donating boxes of instant coffee and other pick-me-up items like snacks, toiletries, magazines and clothing for soldiers based in remote parts of the world.
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  • ASP Helps Feed Homeless Children In Orange County, CA. On November 9, ASP volunteered at the “We’ve Got Your Back” nutrition program, an event coordinated by the Giving Children Hope organization that provides food and nutritional education for homeless children in Orange County, CA.
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  • Gastroenterology Nursing Journal Article Confirms Benefits of EVOTECH® ECR for Healthcare Workers and Patients: A peer-reviewed medical journal, Gastroenterology Nursing, has published an article that confirms the real-world benefits of using an EVOTECH® Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor (ECR) in its July/August issue.
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  • ASP to Host Sterilization Workships in 8 U.S. Cities (EndoNurse): This article includes information on ASP’s upcoming hands-on workshop to educate operating room professionals about the best practices in instrument sterilization and highlight benefits of the STERRAD® NX™ Sterilization System. The article mentions that the workshop aims to help healthcare facilities transition to terminal sterilization, the highest standard of care in instrument reprocessing. Additionally, the article lists the locations and dates of all of the workshops that will be offered nationwide, as well as a summary of what the workshop will include.
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  • Sterilization in the OR - Just the Facts: Transitioning from SS1®:On June 4, Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) hosted the third in a series of informational Webinars, “Sterilization in the OR – Just the Facts: Transitioning from SS1®,” to help members of the healthcare community make an informed decision as they transition from the STERIS System 1® (SS1) to a legally marketed alternative.
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  • Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN): The June 2010 issue of HPN Infection Connection contains the article "Disinfectants, sterilants follow 'doing more with less' trend", featuring commentary by Cany LeBlanc, RN, BSN, ASP's Senior Manager, Global Training.
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  • ASP Responds to Recent FDA Announcement 
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  • ASP Named Among Top Corporate Partners: Orange County United Way Celebrates the Close of the 2008/2009 Campaign Year with Top Corporate Partners.
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  • ASP Microbiologists Get Published (AJIC): "Virucidal activity of ortho-phthalaldehyde solutions against hepatitis B and C viruses" by Charley Roberts, Harriet Chan-Myers and Marty Favero was published in the April issue of Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc.
    The results of the study show that CIDEX® OPA Solution was efficacious against human hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV). It is important to note that this is the first time that OPA efficacy has been demonstrated for HBV and HCV.
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  • Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN): The April 2007 issue of HPN Infection Connection contains the article "Sterilizer vendors turn up heat on throughput, innovation", featuring commentary by Karen Borg, ASP's Vice President, Worldwide, Marketing.
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  • EndoNurse: The April/May 2007 issue of EndoNurse includes the article "Scope Leak Testing" which features the EvoTech™ Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor (ECR) system as well as comments from Barbara Trattler, ASP's Director of Clinical Education. Click Here to access the article
  • Infection Control Today® (5/15/07 issue, online): "Martin Favero, Infection Control Expert at ASP, to Deliver Keynote Address at Gonzaga University Commencement".
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