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HealthTrust Members: Take Advantage of ASP High-Level Disinfectants and Detergents

Effective January 1, 2015, HealthTrust members can take advantage of pre-negotiated pricing to purchase ASP high-level disinfectants and detergents including: CIDEX® OPA Solution, CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution, CIDEZYME® XTRA Multi Enzymatic Detergent, ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent, and test strips.

CIDEX OPA Solution

CIDEX® OPA Solution 

Kills fungi, viruses, and bacteria including Mycobacterium tuberculosis; no activating or mixing needed, minimizing healthcare professional exposure.

Product Code Description
20390 CIDEX® OPA Solution
20392 CIDEX® OPA Solution Test Strips

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CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity destroys all vegetative forms of bacteria, and can be used on a wide variety of medical devices.

Product Code Description
2266 CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution
2920 CIDEX® Activated Dialdehyde Solution Test Strips

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CIDEZYME® XTRA Multi Enzymatic Detergent

A combination of multiple enzymes and surfactants to provide extra cleaning strength.

Product Code Description
22591 CIDEZYME® XTRA Multi Enzymatic Detergent

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ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent

Gently removes organic matter from instruments, and does not leave a film on instruments or clog scopes.

Product Code Description
2252 ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent

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