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Role of environment in transmission. • Evaluate the efficacy of surface disinfection (“elbow grease”). • Evaluate the efficacy of room decontamination units-UV, ...

Physical agent such as ultraviolet (UV) should also be considered in the scope of the standard.14. Chemical Processes, Principles, Categories and Vocabulary.

Scope.  All fields (WG1, WG2, WG3).  Bactericidal, fongicidal, sporicidal and virucidal activities.  Physical methods (UV, vapor).  Log reduction objectives.

Disinfection can be achieved with physical means (heat, UV rays, ultrasound) or chemical (disinfectants). Therefore, various types of disinfection will be ...

H2O2 + Visible and/or UV radiation. – HO o refers to the hydroxyl free radical. – HO2o refers to the hydroproxyl free radical. – H2O2# refers to an electronically ...
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