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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the STERRAD® NX™ System?
  2. How does STERRAD® NX™ Sterilization Technology differ from other STERRAD® Systems?
  3. What instruments can the STERRAD® NX™ System sterilize?
  4. What is the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the cassette?
  5. How does size make a difference with the STERRAD® NX™ System?
  6. What other distinct features does the STERRAD® NX™ System have?
  7. What is the difference between the 28-minute cycle and the 38-minute cycle?
  8. What types of devices and materials can be sterilized in the STERRAD® NX™ System?
  9. What types of flexible endoscopes can be processed?
  10. What types of flexible endoscopes cannot be processed?
  11. What are the benefits of the diagnostic tool?
  12. What is network connectivity and how is it initiated?
  13. Can the STERRAD® NX™ System be connected to an instrument-tracking system?
  14. How many cycles can be run with each cassette?
  15. How long can a cassette stay in the system once it is inserted?
  16. How much does the system weigh?
  17. What biological indicator should be used with the STERRAD® NX™ System?
  18. What type of printer is used with the STERRAD® NX™ System?
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