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Dodeman ® Extra

Dodeman® Extra is a ready-to-use alcohol based solution for hygienic (EN1500) and surgical (EN12791) hand disinfection.

  • Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria (incl. MSRA), mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi (c.albicans) and enveloped viruses (incl. HIV, HBV and HCV) and Rota virus
  • Contains skin enriching and conditioning ingredients
Application Contact Time
Hygienic hand disinfection (EN1500) 3 mL / 30 sec.
Surgical hand disinfection (EN12791) 2 x 5 mL / 1.5 min.
Enveloped viruses (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) 15 sec.
Rota virus 30 sec.
MRSA 30 sec.

For more information, you can refer to the Dodeman® Extra brochure.

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