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CIDEZYME® Enzymatic Detergent Solution is a mild enzyme-based pre-soak and cleaner designed to effectively remove organic soil from contaminated endoscopic instrument and other medical devices prior to disinfection.

Recommended to clean medical instruments before using the ASP High-Level disinfection solutions it is:

  • Effective and thorough action with protease enzyme and surfactants
  • Fast-acting – begins to act in just one minute allowing fast turnaround of instruments
  • User-friendly – its low foaming properties and neutral pH prevent it from leaving residues so that instruments can be effectively disinfected
  • Compatible – Can be used safely to clean a wide range of instruments, reducing the risk of damage and associated cost of repairs

CIDEZYME® Enzymatic Detergent Solution can be used to clean a wide range of devices made from metals, plastics and elastomers, making it a very versatile cleaner that can be used anywhere medical instruments need to be thoroughly cleaned

For details please see instructions for use.



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