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CIDEX Tray Systems

CIDEX Tray Systems

CIDEX® Tray Systems have been designed by ASP to provide healthcare professionals with the ideal complementary accessories for manual cleaning /high-level disinfection.

Manual processes have never been so easy.

The systems offer a large choice of premium durable trays with:

  • Flexible Utilization – can be used for either manual cleaning or high-level disinfection stages
  • Easy Periodic Sterilization – heat resistant up to 134°C
  • Long Life Time – superior durability of glass-filled polypropylene
  • Reduction of Vapor and Fumes Escape – with their unique rounded lip design.
  • Easy Cleaning – With their wide radius corner.
  • Easy Solution Monitoring - reusable labels help monitor the ASP High-level disinfection solutions reuse.

CIDEX® Tray Systems offer easy and practical handling of medical instruments, ideal complementary accessories for manual disinfection and five shapes and sizes to meet every user preference.

Please view the datasheet below to view the range available.



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