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Clean Endoscopes with a Highly Effective Alkaline Detergent

A key component of ASP's Total Solution for Endoscope Reprocessing is the pre-cleaning phase, as it is very difficult to disinfect an endoscope if this step of the process has not been completed thoroughly. AdaptaClean™ is an alkaline detergent for automated and manual cleaning of flexible endoscopes and accessories for endoscopes.

  • Reliably removes dried-on and denatured blood residues and other organic material
  • Very gentle action on materials
  • Contains potassium hydroxide (KOH) as well as surfactants that prevent protein residues being redeposited and reduce the surface tension of the cleaning solution
  • Typical plastics of flexible endoscopes, stainless steel and optics are resistant to working solutions of AdaptaClean™

Safe and Effective for Enhanced Automated Endoscope Reprocessing

Make the most of your automated endoscope reprocessing with CIDEZYME®enzymatic detergent. CIDEZYME® gets into hard-to-reach parts of your equipment for thorough cleaning.

  • Increases protein enzyme activity with TRIPLE-PLUS ENZYMES FORMULATION: Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Carbohydrase, and proprietary enzymes with advanced Proteolytic action
  • Advanced formulation quickly and thoroughly penetrates organic matter
  • Safe, biodegradeable base is easy on you and the environment

CIDEZYME® Specifications

For manual preparation of fl exible endoscopes and accessories

Dispense 8 ml (0.8 %) or 16 ml (1.6 %) per litre of water as required

Shelf Life

2 years

Medical Device Classification

Class I according to MDD 93/42/EEC


Drain or as per hospital policy

Storage information

Store at controlled room temperature 15°C - 30°C

Product code Sales Unit

2258 12 x 1 litres
2260 4 x 5 litres

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