As an integral part of Advanced Sterilization Products’ Total Solution for Endoscope Reprocessing, ASP offers a choice of disinfectants depending on user preference. For high-level disinfection, CIDEX® OPA•C is the recommended choice, however when sporicidal activity is sought, ADAPTACIDE™ PAA-C is the preferred option.


Cidex OPAC Image

Cidex OPAC Title Image

CIDEX® OPA•C provides a fast and effective solution for high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Based on the clinically proven CIDEX® OPA, CIDEX® OPA•C is a concentrated high-level disinfectant designed for use in the ADAPTASCOPE™ single-shot Washer- Disinfector (WD).

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ADAPTACIDE™ PAA-C provides a fast and effective sporicidal solution for disinfection of flexible endoscopes, designed for use in the ADAPTASCOPE™ single-shot Washer-Disinfector (WD).

ADAPTASCOPE™ Automated Washer-Disinfector System for Endoscope Reprocessing

The ADAPTASCOPE™ Automatic Washer-Disinfector System is specifically designed to comply with the ISO 15883 standards and best practices in endoscope reprocessing. Advanced features result in shorter cycle time thereby increasing productivity.

ADAPTASCOPE™ Specifications

Dimensions and Weight
Width/depth/height 941 / 750 / 1033 mm
Height with lid open 1580 mm
Weight 200 kg (empty, no liquids)
Cycle Time
Process Depending on hospital conditions (water pressure, filters, temperature, product combination)
Chemical self-disinfection Approximately 28 minutes
Thermal self-disinfection Approximately 70 minutes
Installation Conditions (for precise details please contact your local ASP representative)
Minimum/maximum room temperature 5°C / 40°C
Relative humidity 20-85%
Boiler Depending on disinfectant, 3kW or 9kW
Boiler capacity 46 litres
Water softener Depending on water hardness level
Chamber Dimensions
Chamber volume 6 litres per chamber
Measuring cylinder total volume 200 ml
Electrical connection
Voltage 220-240V, 50 Hz, 13 A max
Power consumption 3300W max
Standard plug  
Water supply
Cold Main water supply, water softener, boiler
Warm Depending on the disinfectant chosen
Maximum water supply 10 litres per minute
Minimum/maximum pressure 2.5 / 4 bar
Max. pressure difference warm/cold 1 bar
Water quality Check water hardness, chlorine level and amount and size of particles of water in inlet system
Internal bacteria filter 0.2 µ – surface area: 2.300 cm2
Number of drains 2 + 2 overflows
Diameter of drain DN 40
Height of drain 530 mm
Capacity of drain 20 litres/min. per drain
Maximum temperature of drain water 95°C
Ventilation system  
Capacity 70 m3/h
Pressure lift 3 m
Process Identification  
User code Up to 100 users
Scope code Up to 200 endoscopes
Specialist code Up to 50 specialists
Connection Ethernet connection RJ45
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