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As an integral part of Advanced Sterilization Products’ Total Solution for Endoscope Reprocessing, ASP offers a choice of disinfectants depending on user preference. For high-level disinfection, CIDEX® OPA•C is the recommended choice, however when sporicidal activity is sought, ADAPTACIDE™ PAA-C is the preferred option.


Cidex OPAC Image

Cidex OPAC Title Image

CIDEX® OPA•C provides a fast and effective solution for high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Based on the clinically proven CIDEX® OPA, CIDEX® OPA•C is a concentrated high-level disinfectant designed for use in the ADAPTASCOPE™ single-shot Washer- Disinfector (WD).

Adaptacide PAA-C Image

Adaptacide PAA-C Title Image

ADAPTACIDE™ PAA-C provides a fast and effective sporicidal solution for disinfection of flexible endoscopes, designed for use in the ADAPTASCOPE™ single-shot Washer-Disinfector (WD).

ADAPTASCOPE™ Automated Washer-Disinfector System for Endoscope Reprocessing

The ADAPTASCOPE™ Automatic Washer-Disinfector System is specifically designed to comply with the ISO 15883 standards and best practices in endoscope reprocessing. Advanced features result in shorter cycle time thereby increasing productivity.

ADAPTACIDE™ PAA-C Specifications


15%, diluted to an in-use concentration of 0.15%

Shelf Life

12 months

Minimum Effective Temperature


Medical Device Classification

Class IIb according to MDD 93/42/EEC


Drain or as per hospital policy

Storage Information

Store at controlled room temperature: 0°C-25°C

Product code

Sales Unit


2 x 5 litres

ADAPTACIDE™ PAA-C is designed for use in the ASP ADAPTASCOPE™ System. For use in other single-shot automated endoscope reprocessors, please contact your local ASP representative.

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