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GLOSAIR™ leads to a “big step forward” in HAI prevention for Middle East hospital

A consultant in a Middle Eastern Hospital has said that his team’s fight against healthcare associated infections has “taken a big step forward” following the introduction of the GLOSAIR™ technology for Automated Area Decontamination from Advanced Sterilization Products.

Dr Stefan Weber, consultant in microbiology pathology and laboratory medicine at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, based in Abu Dhabi, said that the problem with HAIs was “getting worse” because of resistant bacteria, but the large space decontamination system has helped fend off pathogens.

Dr Weber said: “We started using it last year, because we have huge problems with multi-drug-resistant bacteria in the Middle East. We could see bacteria appearing even on what we thought were clean surfaces.”

He said that the hospital wanted to standardise their cleaning methods to make them more reliable, given that manual methods left the area susceptible to human error, for example missing surfaces like computer equipment.

“The GLOSAIR™ system really helped us improve the results of the cleaning; we had a statistically significant reduction of bacteria on the main surfaces.

“Of course, we still have some problems: wet surfaces aren’t cleaned for example. You’ll never achieve 100% clean results, but, by combining manual cleaning with an automatic cleaning device, we’ve taken a big step forward.”

One pathogen that has proved especially dangerous for patients in the Middle East, and a challenge for healthcare providers, is the Coronavirus, which has killed 321 of the 811 infected patients who were diagnosed with pneumonia after contracting the infection.

The GLOSAIR™ System has undergone testing specifically against human Coronavirus according to European Standard 14885:2006. GLOSAIR™ passed all tests and achieved a 4-log reduction against human Coronavirus, demonstrating efficacy in fighting the infection – taking another step forward in fighting HAIs in the Middle East.

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