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ASP Steals the Show at WFHSS 2015 in France

ASP showcased its winning combination of infection prevention solutions at a prominently
located booth that stood out from the crowd!

The 16th World Sterilization Congress of the World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply (WFHSS) in France
2015 served as an appreciative host for ASP. The company, which is known worldwide for its leading
position in infection prevention, was honored to be the Gold Sponsor of this significant and influential
worldwide event, with more than 1,200 delegates from global markets throughout the world attending.

Centrally located near the WFHSS Congress facility entrance, ASP had prominent booth presence and
drew a large crowd with its exceptional onsite promotional activities. The booth highlighted the 100NX®
DD , the NX ® , Consumables and the STERRAD® Sterility Guide, with a dedicated video running at the
booth. ASP marketing teams and sales reps from France, Benelux, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the
Middle East were at the booth to greet and discuss ASP products with visitors.

The majority of the 170 booth visitors were extremely interested in the STERRAD® Sterility Guide since
the Guide consistently increases its number of medical device listings. Now it has become a recognized
authoritative resource which is quite well known throughout the medical device industry. To date, 19,000+
devices are listed in the SSG, 4,000 new device listings have been added since 2014 and 80+ leading
Medical Device Manufacturers endorse STERRAD®.

Bag inserts, handbooks, symposium postcards and giveaways of a 3-in-1 Touchpen (pen, USB, stylus), a
STERRAD® 16G USB, a notebook and pens were distributed to attendees along with other collateral.

In addition, ASP held a scientific symposium that was so well attended it was standing-room-only. There
also were several customer meetings. An ASP dinner was organized for an important delegation from
Benelux, with 10 key customers from the region including KOLs. An innovation update was held with a
key stakeholder from the Netherlands and an in-depth discussion occurred with an Israeli KOL on the
benefits of STERRAD®.

ASP’s WFHSS Symposium Beat Out Competition, Elevated ASP Reputation

ASP held a significant scientific symposium at the event with a well-known KOL and ASP director that
was so popular among Congress participants it filled a room with approximately170 attendees, who
passed on the STERIS session held at the same time to attend ASP’s.

The topics and speakers were:

  • Should Sterilization of Invasive Flexible Endoscopes Be Compulsory?
    Dr. Dominique Goullet, France
  • Validation of Medical Devices and How to Be Fully Compliant with ISO Standards?
    Dr. Navid Omidbakhsh, Associate Director, ASP

“For the first time, there was a large emphasis on LTS at the Congress,” said Bram Willems, Product
Specialist, ASP Netherlands. “It is apparent that LTS is emerging as a standard in the CSSD. However
even with the increase in new machines, one of the key outstanding features that sets STERRAD® apart
from the competition is its parametric release, which distinguishes our machine as superior in the LTS
global marketplace.

“There were a number of presentations and considerable discussion about the adequate cleaning of
scopes. Infection rates with flexible endoscopes, especially with bronchoscopes, are very high. This is
another reason STERRAD® is the best choice – its parametric release function declares a product as
sterile based on a physical process – correlation with an Independent Monitoring System – rather than on
the basis of sample testing or Biological or Chemical Indicator results to ensure patients receive the
highest standard of care,” Bram continued.

One speaker, Wouter Meert, Manager, CSSD, University Hospital of Leuven, Belgium, a current
STERRAD® user in a large teaching facility in Belgium, and very pro-STERRAD® and pro-ASP, gave a
presentation on “Hydrogen peroxide sterilization in an ISO EN 13485 environment.” He stated that
STERRAD®’s IMS parametric release is one step ahead of other LTS sterilizers because it captures all
parameters and hospitals can then decide which are critical to their process. This was a significant vote
from a renowned KOL about the vital importance of IMS parametric release.

“Our prominent booth location, our promotional activities and our sought-after symposium all worked
together to make ASP’s presence at the show outstanding,” said Michael Kurz, EMEA Marketing
Manager, TS. “With the input and support from the Global Strategic Marketing Team, Global R&D Team,
France, Benelux, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Middle East combined with our outstanding
symposium and the help of Kristina Dhital, our ASP EMEA Marketing Assistant, ASP stood out at the
Congress as the leading LTS company around the globe.”

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