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Healthcare Associated Infections - Facts & figures


Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are acquired by 4.1 million patients in Europe per year, at a cost of an estimated €5.48 billion to healthcare providers. Preventative measures that help to fight infection can deliver time and cost efficiencies and should therefore be a key priority for healthcare providers.


4.1million – the amount of people that acquire an HAI every year in Europe

1-2 in 20 – the amount of hospital patients that get infected

37,000 – the number of deaths that occur from HAIs in Europe each year

€5.48 billion – the amount in healthcare costs incurred across Europe from HAIs

€694 to €13,880 – The cost per infected patient, 52% of this cost is on extra nursing time and medical care

5 to 40 – the amount of extra days in hospital for a patient who has contracted an HAI


The ASP GLOSAIR™ decontamination system uses hydrogen peroxide to help fight these infections, which is proven to decrease decontamination dramatically¹ without using dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. Hospitals like the Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex and the Royal Liverpool, Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Braganca hospital in Portugal have benefited from the GLOSAIR™ system in their hospitals, with glowing testimonials from their staff:


“The use of GLOSAIR™ at Broomfield has really elevated our profile and differentiates us from other local hospitals that do not regularly use Automated Area Decontamination as a way of preventing and controlling outbreaks of HAIs. We have been asked to share our knowledge and experience of Automated Area Decontamination with neighbouring PCTs who are also eager to understand how this complementary resource might benefit them.”

Andy Wright, Hotel Services Manager, Broomfield Hospital, UK


Other hospitals have also gathered evidence that suggests that GLOSAIR™ is effective at preventing infections in healthcare facilities when included as part of an integrated infection prevention program:


“After introducing the Automated Area Decontamination solution GLOSAIR™, now provided by ASP, as a part of our infection prevention program, our C. diff cases were reduced by 62% over a period of 12 months, and this reduction was sustained over the following 24 months”

Dr Boswell, Consultant Medical Microbiologist Nottingham University Hospitals, UK


“We have halved our C. diff rates in the last year. With a greater emphasis on cleaning and cleaning standards, and the use of innovative solutions, as provided by ASP, we have made tackling hospital infections our top priority... we have gone from being one of the poorest to one of the best performing trusts in the country for infection control.”

Diane Wake, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK


“Many places in the haemodialysis room and other rooms are very hard to reach. After the study, we found that the heater grills in the patient rooms were highly infected; despite traditional manual clean efforts. GLOSAIR™ was able to bring the pathogen numbers down to zero.”

Dr Graça Pombo, Laboratory and Infection Control Director, Centro Hospitalar Do Nordeste, Unidade Hospitalar de Bragança, Portugal


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