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GLOSAIR™ helps Liverpool Hospitals half C-Difficile rate

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust have received major results due to the introduction of GLOSAIR™ into their deep clean programme. By using the latest in low concentration hydrogen peroxide dry-mist vapour technology, the Trust halved C-Difficile rates in 2010.

The government national deep clean programme is overseen by a team of experts headed by hotel services manager Jacqui Pennington.

In the December 2007, the team purchased five ASP HPV GLOSAIR™ machines, used to decontaminate large areas in an efficient and easy procedure.

FM services, which are contracted out to ISS Facility Services- Healthcare and also have a 24/7 rapid response team, were part of the teamwork solution, operating the machines under the watchful eye of Jacqui and her team.

Jacqui Pennington said: “A lot of what we do is about auditing the contractor; ensuring standards are in accordance with national specifications - the Health Act and the requirements of the Care Quality Commission".

The Trust have four GLOSAIR™ machines at Royal Liverpool and one at Broadgreen with each infection prevention team being involved in all elements of training. “ISS have embraced the use of HPV- it’s a simple, effective solution". Jacqui said.

Working under the direction of the patient flow team and now implemented as part of a daily routine, the rapid response team’s sole purpose is to implement a deep clean programme using HPV technology.

Wards are chosen on the basis of how high the numbers of incidence of C-Diff were in the previous year. Due to the size of the current programme, Jacqui Pennington and her team decided on a managed outsourced service to operate their GLOSAIR™ machines.

The team decided on ASP stating: "Cost was a factor and the confidence in the company, the equipment and the people. We keep ASP up to date and they’ve been very accommodating...They are part of the team".

In 2009, the Trust became one of the winners of the NHS Liverpool Quality Awards for innovation and improvement due to surpassing the Department of Health targets for infection control; a reputation still going strong today.

Read the full Success Story on the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust here.

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