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ASP Shows Leadership at Europe’s Most Important Infection Prevention Conference

On October 10-13, the world’s leading experts in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) gathered at the 7th International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society in Liverpool, United Kingdom. This event takes place every four years and is recognized as the most important infection prevention conference in Europe, providing a forum for sharing the latest developments from both science and industry in this rapidly expanding field. As a Gold Sponsor of the event, ASP demonstrated our infection prevention thought-leadership and comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to protect patients from the serious, ongoing threat of HAIs.


About 1200 people attended this year’s conference. Below are highlights of ASP’s participation:

  • ASP’s main exhibit booth — the best of the conference and front and center — featured EMEA’s infection prevention solutions and showcased the new ASP GLOSAIR™ 400 Area Decontamination technology, which delivers a cost-effective solution for tackling HAIs as part of a holistic approach to infection prevention. The prominent booth and outstanding ASP staff conveyed an excellent image. In addition, ASP’s “Wheel of Infection Prevention” game at this booth was very popular and encouraged customers to learn more about ASP.


  • We collected more than 100 customer surveys on Area Decontamination and performed many hands-on demonstrations of the GLOSAIR 400 system at a separate booth space designed to resemble a patient’s room.


  • An ASP symposium titled “Solutions for Preventing Infections in Your Hospital” was attended by more than 200 people who were very engaged and asked many good questions. Presentations by ASP and key opinion leaders included:
    • Introduction – Charles Roberts
    • The use of hydrogen peroxide area decontamination for combating C. difficile – Dr. Tim Boswell
    • Terminal Sterilization: Gold Standard for Critical Surgical Instruments – Dr. William Rutala
    • Washer-disinfector validation tests according to ISO 15883 – Lionel Pineau, PhD
    • Panel Session — All with Philippe Destrez
  • Several journalists attended as a result of ASP’s pre-conference media outreach and press release. Coverage is expected in an upcoming issue of the Clinical Services Journal in the UK and possibly other publications.
  • Many invited ASP EMEA customers attended and participated in testimonial videos, focus group discussions about next-generation sterilizer needs, and meetings with ASP representatives.

Commenting on the conference, Dr. Tim Boswell of Nottingham University Hospitals UK — a leading expert on infection prevention — said, “Tackling hospital acquired infections is one of the key challenges for hospitals around the world. Medical practitioners like myself and companies like ASP are dedicated to finding the best and most effective solutions in fighting diseases like MRSA and C. difficile. What we discuss in Liverpool…will have a direct impact on the welfare of patients around the world, allowing us to share the latest ground breaking techniques and tools with the best minds around the globe on the subject, all in the interests of higher standards of patient care.”


The conference was a great success and strengthened ASP’s position as a global leader in infection prevention. Special thanks to Nathalie Chevre and Daniella Saporita for managing ASP’s participation in the event; to all the ASP presenters and booth staff for your outstanding professionalism; and to Alison Piggott for arranging an extremely powerful GLOSAIR Solution customer visit at Liverpool Hospital during the conference.

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