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Global experts debate solutions for preventing Healthcare Acquired Infections at the 2010 International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society

ASP sponsors educational symposium to strengthen infection prevention efforts andpromote better patient care

[LONDON, 11 OCTOBER 2010] – At this week’s international conference of the Hospital Infection Society in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the world’s leading experts in healthcare acquired infections will gather to share their latest research and discuss new ways of combatting diseases like MRSA and C.difficile. Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), a leading provider of infection prevention solutions, is a Gold Sponsor at the Conference and will be hosting an educational symposium to explore a range of issues from the use of hydrogen peroxide area decontamination for combating C. difficile; one of the most common hospital associated infections, to washer‐disinfector validation testing and surgical instrument sterilization.

While significant progress has been made to tackle healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs), continued vigilance is crucial as HCAIs still pose a serious threat to patient safety and require ongoing attention. The World Health Organization estimates that in Europe every year, more than 4 million patients are affected by approximately 4.5 million episodes of HCAIs, which cause 16 million extra‐days of hospital stay and 37,000 deaths. Not only do HCAIs have serious implications for patients and healthcare professionals, they also cost approximately €7 billion per year1 placing significant pressure on hospitals. Commenting on the conference, Tim Boswell2, BSc, MB BS, MRCPath, MD, and Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Nottingham University Hospitals UK and leading expert on infection prevention said: "Tackling hospital acquired infections is one of the key challenges for hospitals around the world. Medical practitioners like myself and companies like ASP are dedicated to finding the best and most effective solutions in fighting diseases like MRSA and C. difficile. What we discuss in Liverpool this week will have a direct impact on the welfare of patients around the world, allowing us to share the latest ground breaking techniques and tools with the best minds around the globe on the subject, all in the interests of higher standards of patient care."

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) is a leading provider of infection prevention solutions. ASP’s products include GLOSAIR™ area decontamination technology, STERRAD® surgical instrument sterilization, ADAPTASCOPE® high‐level disinfection and MICROSHIELD™ hand hygiene solutions. This innovative portfolio aims to provide a holistic approach to infection prevention. Michelle Brennan, President of ASP in Europe, the Middle East and Africa added: "We are delighted to be part of this year’s International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society. The reduction of HCAIs is such an important issue and it is vital that effective solutions are developed to assist healthcare professionals in protecting patients. ASP is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals in this task and the HIS Conference provides us with the opportunity to showcase our range of infection prevention solutions including the new GLOSAIR™ area decontamination technology which has been proven effective against a broad range of deadly pathogens."

2 Dr. Boswell is compensated for his time as a consultant to the company.

Notes to editor:

About Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)
Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) is a leading developer of innovative instrument sterilization, high level disinfection and cleaning technologies. The company is dedicated to protecting patients, healthcare workers, and the environment with products that focus as much on safety as they do on efficacy and cost‐effectiveness. Utilizing advanced instrument processing technologies, these products help customers to promote positive patient outcomes while controlling costs, increasing productivity and enhancing safety. The company is based in Irvine, California with offices around the world. ASP’s broad infection prevention portfolio includes: STERRAD® Sterilization, ADAPTASCOPE™ High‐level Disinfection, MICROSHIELD™ Hand Hygiene (in selected markets) and GLOSAIR™ Area Decontamination.

About the Educational Symposium and HIS
ASP is sponsoring the educational symposium prevention panel Solutions for Preventing Infections in Your Hospital at the HIS, featuring an internationally recognized panel of experts on the 12 October 2010, 2‐3pm, Room 1B. Speakers include Charles Roberts, Microbiologist for ASP, Tim Boswell, BSc, MB BS, MRCPath, MD, and Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Nottingham University Hospitals UK Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Nottingham University Hospitals UK, William Rutala, PhD, M.P.H. and Lionel Pineau , PhD.
The 7th International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society (HIS) takes place every four years and runs from 10‐13 October. It is recognized as the most important infection prevention and control conference in Europe and attracts leading world experts in healthcare associated infections. ASP is located at booth 17 with a GLOSAIR™ Area decontamination demonstration at booth 98.

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