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Advanced Sterilization Products  (ASP) proud sponsors of Seventh International Conference of Hospital Infection Society

ASP is proud to sponsor the Seventh International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society (HIS 2010), taking place 10 – 13 October 2010, in Liverpool, England.

The International Conference of HIS is internationally recognized as the most important infection prevention and control conference in Europe, and therefore it was natural for ASP, a leading developer of innovative instrument sterilization, high level disinfection and cleaning technologies, to be a partner of the event.

ASP is dedicated to protecting patients, healthcare workers, and the environment with products that focus as much on safety as they do on efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and the HIS conference provides an opportunity to share the ultimate solutions for infection prevention that exist within the ASP product portfolio.

Delegates will be able to learn directly, of how solutions such as the ASP GLOSAIR™ Area Decontamination Technology, can help to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and promote better patient care.

For more details on the Seventh International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society (HIS 2010) please click here.

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