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Raising and exceeding expectations

Designed with the Next Generation technology, the STERRAD® 100NX® System is the most advanced hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizer from ASP:

  • Large rectangular chamber and several cycle options for the most productivity
  • 47-minute Standard Cycle for most surgical instruments.
  • 42-minute Flex Cycle for single-channel flexible endoscopes
  • 24-minute Express Cycle for fast turnaround of da Vinci® 3-D endoscopes*, rigid telescopes, rechargeable batteries, and many other instruments.
  • 60 minute DUO Cycle for processing flexible endoscopes and cameras together
  • Advanced features for ease of use and quality control including large touch-screen display, innovative foot pedal to facilitate the loading process, hydrogen peroxide monitor to ensure that sufficient hydrogen peroxide is available to assist in achieving a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, network connectivity for remote cycle monitoring and many others.
  • Available as a pass-through sterilizer for the Central Sterilization Departments with a need for separation of clean and sterile areas.

Please refer to the STERRAD® 100NX® User's guide for more detailed processing information.

* da Vinci® 3-D endoscopes are validated for use in the STERRAD® 100NX® System EXPRESS cycle and are not validated for use in the STERRAD® 100NX® System STANDARD and FLEX cycles.

Consult the STERRAD® Sterility Guide,, refer to the STERRAD® Sterilization System User's Guide or contact medical device manufacturer for the detailed processing information.

STERRAD® 100NX® System Specifications

Technical Specifications
Total Cycle Time

STANDARD Cycle: 47 minutes
FLEX Cycle: 42 minutes
EXPRESS Cycle: 24 minutes
DUO Cycle: 60 minutes

Cycle Temperature Less than 55°C
Dimensions and Weight
Height 1791 mm
Width 775 mm
Depth 1020 mm
Weight 425 kg single-door
457 kg double-door
Installation and Electrical Requirements
Connections 380 - 415V 50/60 Hz Power. The sterilizer requires a five-wire grounding outlet attached to a dedicated 30 AMP, 3 phase, (200-240VAC, 380-415V) ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±5% circuit with separate neutral and ground conductors.
Service Requirements Service access requires a minimum clearance of 39.5 in (100 cm) on front, back, top and sides of the system.
Operational Environment
Temperature 18°C to 35°C
Humidity 10% to 85% up to 30°C, linearly decreasing from 85% at 30°C to 70% at 40°C (non-condensing)
Independent Monitoring System (IMS) Enables remote, independent monitoring of all processes and is available as an option
Barcode Reader Available as an option

* Please contact your ASP representative to determine maximum chamber capacity based on your facility's particular sterilization load configuration(s).

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