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Drastic action needed to manage CDI

Urgent steps need to be taken to manage the risk to patients from Clostridium difficile, a dangerous HAI.

A report published by leading infectious disease experts has found that misdiagnosis has led to a spread in CDI that not only increases a risk to patients’ health, but extends their stay in hospital and costs hospitals thousands of Euros per bed.

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May, 2013

Reducing HAIs throughout the patient pathway

A new brochure released by MedTech Europe has identified the risks for patients in contracting healthcare associated infections throughout their treatment and how these risks can be minimised.

Healthcare-Associated Infections: a health crisis requiring European leadership provides background on the dangers of HAIs for patients and the cost implications for hospitals, before giving the reader guidance and advice on how they can be prevented.

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May, 2013

Survey shows prevalence in HAIs in England has dropped

Recently published results from a survey of hospitals in England have shown a drop in patients contracting healthcare associated infections since the previous results, five years before, were released.

For the first time ever, the results from Public Health England (formerly Health Protection Agency), also included private hospitals in addition to National Health Service facilities.

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