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Trust the ASP Family of High-Level Disinfection Products


High-Level Disinfection products provide a range of solutions and detergents to ensure peace of mind for the healthcare professional and for the patient.

ASP's Total Solution for Endoscope Reprocessing provides protection for the endoscope through the 6 critical steps of the Endoscope Process Wheel beginning with transportation of a contaminated scope form the procedure room and ending with the delivery of an enclosed, reprocessed endoscope to the site of the next procedure.

Discover ENDOCLENS-NSX™ Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER)*, an integrated endoscope reprocessing system. Part of the ENDOCLENS-NSX™ solutions, CIDEZYME™ XTRA detergent and CIDEX® OPA disinfectant are used most widely with endoscopes and can be used manually or with an automated processor.

For your manual cleaning and disinfection, ASP high-level disinfection solutions and detergents provide the right results. Our products are hard on microorganisms but gentle on the most delicate of endoscopes and medical devices.


*ENDOCLENS-NSX™ is not CE marked and only avaliable outside the EU. Related brochures are not meant for EU-member countries.


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