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Safe and effective medical instrument sterilization


Learn more about the different STERRAD® Systems:

STERRAD® Medical Instrument Sterilization


Since 1993, STERRAD® has been the reliable choice in surgical instrument sterilization. It uses low-temperature, hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology to sterilize a wide range of instruments efficiently, effectively and safely.

One of our signature sterilization products, our systems have been a benefit for thousands of healthcare and industrial facilities looking for fast instrument turnaround, high-volume processing and improved inventory control.

Together with full financial and technical support, STERRAD®Systems are your complete sterilization solution.


    • ASP proprietary hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology works towards maximum safety for healthcare professionals, patients and the environment. The process by-products are non-toxic oxygen and water vapour
    • The STERRAD® Systems' dry, low-temperature process provides gentle sterilization even for the most delicate instruments thereby potentially leading to longer instrument life and reduced cost of instrument repairs
    • The extensive range of material and lumen claims of the STERRAD®Systems enable sterilization of instruments such as general surgery instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, cameras, light cables, batteries power drills and many others
    • The STERRAD®Sterility Guide is the groundbreaking online tool in the industry and one more example of ASP's leadership and continued commitment to its customers, as proven by endorsements for STERRAD®technology from key medical device manufacturers

The versatile range of STERRAD® Sterilization Systems allows medical facilities to choose the optimal system to suit their sterilization needs.


Learn more about the different STERRAD® Systems:


Learn more about the STERRAD®Systems Family

Consult the STERRAD® Sterility Guide,, refer to the STERRAD® Sterilization System User's Guide or contact the medical device manufacturer for detailed processing information.


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